About J's

I am a fully qualified Beautician. I  trained locally at Aylesbury College in Buckinghamshire and qualified as a Beautician in August 2000.  Since then I provided a mobile Beauty service to within a 6 mile radius of Tetsworth. At this time I offered facials, waxing, make-up lessons and application. Eyebrow shaping/tinting, false eyelash application and eyelash tinting, manicures and pedicures. 
I re-trained to become a professional Nail Technician, and my speciality concetrates on the care of the natural nail aswell as beauty treatments for the Hands & Feet.  Following my extensive training I opened J's Nail Bar and now have a main base of work, allowing more choice and variety of treatments for my clients.
There are numerous High Street Nail Bars and well established Salons that offer a basic nail treatment with no on-going concern of the nails wellbeing. This is key to my ethos of J's Nail Bar, I provide a service second to none and this makes J's Nail Bar stand out from the crowd. Through selecting products that are not damaging to my clients nails, I can provide great result with a friendly and professional service. I am honest with my clients, and will not push just to get them to purchase a higher priced service. I am totally focused on what is BEST for you and your nails.

With the variety of enhancements available not every product is suitable to all


  • It is odour free making it plesant to work with, for myself, and my clients. 
  • It does not continue to cure in the sun resulting in yellowing  or become brittle if not oiled.
  • It is strong, light and flexible. 
  • It gives a very natural look and does not require soaking to remove, meaning healthy happy hands.   
  • Hypo allergenic
  •  Natural thin overlays, but strong. ( *not suitable for persons allergic to glue)
  • Quick soak off
  • Glass like finish
  • Does not require UV lamp for curing
  • Great for people with thin nails
Acrylic (Liquid &  Powder)
  • Been around for the longest
  • Is strong
  • Does not require UV/LED light
  • Soak Off
  • Endless art/colour 3d opportunities 
Dip System
  • *Glue or Gel base (*not suitable for persons allergic to glue)
  • Quick Soak off
  • Quick service
  • Great for people with thin nails
  • Is strong
 I use only high quality nail products such as CND, Young Nails, Hand & Harmony, Distinction & OPI.

Nail Polish
Creative Nail Design, OPI & China Glaze are well known brands that deliver beautiful finishes.  I will happily promote unbranded polishes, but only after I have tested them to ensure smooth application, good coverage, durability and shine.

Also the products I use during manicures and pedicures are selected to meet the many different requirements of the hands and feet.
 Nail Enhancements  - Damage to the nails is never because of the amazing products available to us today. Damage always comes from the nail tech or more commonly at home damage (picking or not shortening nail length) and improper removal.

“All artificial nail enhancements are based on ingredients from the acrylic family. Of course, just because these products are based on the acrylic family doesn’t mean they are all the same. That’s like saying all Americans or all Australians are the same.

Liquid/powder systems are based on one branch of the acrylic family called the methacrylates. Wraps, no-light gels, and tip adhesives are based on another directly related branch, the cyanoacrylates.

UV gel products until recently were based strictly on ingredients from a third branch called the acrylates, but newer, more advanced products based on methacrylates have become available.

Each category has advantages and disadvantages. There are no perfect product types.” ~Doug Schoon, Nail Structure and Product Chemistry

Acrylic nail enhancements are always a liquid monomer mixed with a polymer powder. The nail professional has spent dozens—if not hundreds—of hours practicing to get that perfect, consistent chemical blend, or mix ratio. Not to wet and not too dry.

Gel is always that—thick, goopy gel. It can come in a bottle or a pot, but it’s never mixed on the spot like acrylic. It is usually cured with a UV or LED lamp.

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